Hypnosis for Fertility, Smoking, Weight Loss, Anxiety & Phobias.

About Hypnofertility

The hypnofertility programme will help you:

1. Identify and remove conscious and unconscious blocks which may be preventing conception.

2. Gain a positive outlook, and renew trust in your body’s ability to conceive.Pregnant Woman

3. Remain calm, patient, and in control throughout natural or assisted conception.

4. Prepare your body physically and emotionally to be a good and loving parent.

5. Make any lifestyle changes that may be necessary to help couples conceive. This may include weight loss and diet improvement or stopping smoking.

Hypnofertility clients must be prepared to commit to between 4 and 6 sessions in order for meaningful change to take place. Every individual responds differently: some women have gotten pregnant after just one session whereas others require many more than 6 sessions.

How effective is Hypnofertility?
For untreated infertility
Hypnofertility can be very effective. Most couples would welcome the opportunity to try out all natural avenues for conception before going down the medical route.
There is a 30% increase in conception rates using Hypnosis, so you may wish to consider Hypnofertility treatment prior to undertaking formal fertility treatment.
During IVF
Professor Eliahu Levitas from Soroka Hospital in Beersheva in Israel has shown in his study that Hypnosis can DOUBLE the rate of conception of couples undergoing IVF treatment. In addition it gave women the ability to relax deeply throughout treatment which significantly reduces any stress associated with the procedures.
Prof Levitas’s study of 185 women found that 28% of women in the group who were hypnotized became pregnant, compared with 14% of those who were not.

Hypnofertility treatment is complementary to medical treatment and it works to enhance any medical treatment that you may be having. Because of this you may feel that this treatment is the natural choice to assist your desire for a family.

How much does Hypnofertility treatment cost?
Hypnofertility treatment is a fraction of the costs of any medical treatment, and given the evidence for its success it represents excellent value. If i decide that treatment is right for you then I need you to commit to completing a course of 4 sessions the cost of which is £200.
The initial Hypnofertility consultation would typically last approx 2 hours with subsequent sessions lasting approximately 1.5 hours.
Even if you are undertaking IVF, choosing to increase the chances of success of each cycle is simply common sense, and additionally you will benefit from the stress management techniques and relaxation skills that you will learn from the Hypnofertility programme.