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Stop Smoking

Stop smoking in Just 1 hour with the ‘Easy Quit Smoking Programme’.
Do you want to stop smoking?
When you’ve made that decision hypnotherapyQuit Smoking can make it much easier to give up.  Rather than you having to constantly tell yourself that you don’t want a cigarette, it will help you change your mind about being a smoking and enable you to focus on the benefits of quitting.
• The programme will help you start thinking that you are a non-smoker.
• It will allow you to stop feeling guilty about being a smoker
• It will enable you to start enjoying a healthier & longer life
Success Rate
If you genuinely want to stop then the ‘Easy Quit Smoking Programme’ will be very successful.
My success rate is approximately 90%.  In fact if within 2 months of seeing me if you smoke a cigarette, you can come back for free.
What does it cost?

The ‘Easy Quit Smoking Programme’ costs £120 and consists of one 1 hour session.