Hypnosis for Fertility, Smoking, Weight Loss, Anxiety & Phobias.

Hypno Fertility

What hypno-fertility is and how it can increase your chances of getting pregnant.
For around one third of infertile couples, no medical cause can be found for their infertility. This is known as non-specifically infertile. Other couples may have tried, or are trying, IVF without success and some may be contraindicated to the fertility drugs, leaving them few medical options.

Hypno-Fertility is a natural means of enhancing fertility and even improving IVF response so that every couple has the chance to have a family.
How Does It Work?
Hypno-Fertility is a form of hypnotherapy, or guided visualisation whilst in a relaxed state. The practitioner may ask you to visualise sperm and egg meeting, or holding a baby in your arms. Several sessions will be done, all positively suggesting how natural it is for you to get pregnant and all the joys of motherhood you have to look forward to. Each session would last between 1 and 2 hours.

These hypnotherapy sessions are sometimes done in conjunction with nutritionalist advice and accupuncture to open blocked energy points.

This technique can double the success rate of IVF and increase conception rates by up to 55%!